Indian Association of Physics Teachers

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A 3-day national Convention is organized every year, since 1984, on some specific theme.Papers are presented by members and lectures are delivered by experts in the field. Presentation of innovations in teaching methods, demonstrations and lab experiments is a regular feature in all conventions.

Regional Councils also organize regional conventions at their convenience. Teachers’ talent in various aspects of Physics education is identified and rewarded by organizing contests during conventions.


IAPT, RC-1 Annual Convention:


25th Annual IAPT Convention (21-23 October 2010) First Announcement. Click for details

Appeal for Advertisements for 25th IAPT Convention Souvenir. Click for details

List of Papers accepted for Oral and Poster Presentations in IAPT Convention 2010 at Saurashtra University Rajkot

General Information for Participants Arriving To Attend Rajkot Convention


The chronological order in which annual conventions has happened is as follows
  1. Annual Convention and Symposium at Shimla 2007
  2. Annual Convention and Symposium at Bangalore 2008
  3. Annual Convention and Symposium at Kanpur 2009
  4. Annual Convention and Symposium at Rajkot 2010
  5. Annual Convention and Symposium at Jaipur 2011
  6. Annual Convention and Symposium at Kochi 2012 


Pictures from the diffrent IAPT Annual Conventions are available in the Gallery